This compact purifier, designed for smaller spaces, will provide excellent quality purified water with very little under sink space used. This unit is designed for 1 to 2 people. $555.00 plus installation.



This light duty commercial purifier is without question the most significant residential purifier on the market. It is designed for a family of 4 or more and comes standard with heavy duty components. $755.00

Dual Filter with U.V. Add On


Dual Filter with U.V. Add On” This unit is designed for low T.D.S. water and unchlorinated water. The U.V. is optional, but recommended for unchlorinated water sources. The unit is designed with a 1 micron sediment filter, to remove particulate, 0.5 micron carbon block, to remove chemicals, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, bad taste and odors. The carbon block will also remove lead by using a “cation resin” and, since the carbon block is sub-micron rated, it will also skim out bacteria.

Hawaiian Taste Soft


This mainline conditioner is designed for a home up to 2,500 square feet. It has ¾ cubic feet of carbon, for chlorine and chemical removal and ¾ cubic feet of water softening resin, for soft water and calcium, magnesium removal. The unit comes with a brine tank that holds 380 pounds of salt. The unit is designed with a Fleck control valve with a ¾” of 1” inlet/outlet porting.

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