Project Description

The most recent service of the vending machine was done on December 7. The T.D.S. (total dissolved solids) results were: County Water 250 PPM. Purified Water 25 PPM. This is a 90 % rejection percentage; excellent quality. The pH of the alkalized water tested at 9+. During the service the 20” sediment and 20” pre carbon filter was changed. Both 10” ultra violet lamps were changed. A new delivery pump was installed at the #1 fill station. The entire unit, including the dispensing box and the interior of the vending machine,  was cleaned and disinfected. This machine is serviced every two months to insure excellent quality.


12/27/17 Vending Machine- changed out 20″SED, 20″ CARB. changed 2 uv bulbs, Disinfection and cleaned

10/30/17 Steamer Dual- changed out 20″SED., 20″ CARB. Ice Maker- Disinfection and cleaned. Expresso- Disinfection and cleaned. Deli-Disinfection and cleaned  changed out filters.


8/17/17 TDS RAW-200, TDS PRO-3, REJECTION-98, PH9+

6-1-17 TDS RAW-250, TDS PRO-23, REJECTION-96, PH9+

12/7/16 TDS RAW-250, TDS PRO-25, REJECTION-95, PH9+

11-9-16 TDS RAW-200, TDS PRO-24, REJECTION-88, PH9+

6-29-16 TDS RAW-250, TDS PRO-30, REJECTION-88, PH9+

5-19-16 TDS RAW-250, TDS PRO-30, REJECTION-88, PH9+