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The most recent service of the vending machine was done on March 7, 2017. The T.D.S. (total dissolved solids) results were: County Water 130 PPM. Purified Water 6 PPM. This is a 95 % rejection percentage; excellent quality. The pH of the alkalized water tested at 9+. During the service the 20” pre carbon, Big Blue Radial Flow pre-carbon, both of the 10” post carbon filters and the Ultra Violet lamp were changed. The entire unit, including the dispensing box and the interior of the vending machine,  was cleaned and disinfected. This machine is serviced every two months to insure excellent quality.


9-6-17 TDS RAW-130, TDS PRO-4, REJECTION-98, PH9+

4-19-17 TDS RAW-150, TDS PRO-8, REJECTION-95, PH9+

3-7-17 TDS RAW-130, TDS PRO-6, REJECTION-95, PH9+

4-13-16 TDS RAW-130, TDS PRO-4, REJECTION-98, PH9+

1-13-16 TDS RAW-110, TDS PRO-4, REJECTION-99,PH9+


Marriott Water Softeners


These three 30 cubic foot each water softeners service the boiler make-up water. There is a Cla-Val to blend the soft water to create a 3 grain hardness, per the Marriott instructions. These three units were plumbed into a 6″ mainline manifold down to 2″ line, three times. The plumbing was very complicated and quite impressive. The valves used were alternating Fleck 9000 2″ valves. The installation was done by Mountain Slope Water and was completed over a period of approximately 5 days.

# 1 Store


This smaller vending machine is located at 1638 10th Ave, at a small local store called #1 Store. There is a purified alkalized option and non-alkalized option. The unit was installed in 2013 and continues to grow in the customer usage. The vending machine is owned by Mountain Slope Water and the owner of the store pays a percentage to Mountain Slope Water of the sales. Mountain Slope Water services the unit monthly to insure quality and to read the vending meter total. The purity of the water averages about 4 to 6 PPM, which is excellent quality. The pH of the water averages 9.5.


10/11/17 TDS RAW – 130, TDS PRO -11, REJECTION-92, PH9+

8-9-17 TDS RAW- 100, TDS PRO- 7, REJECTION-93, PH9+

(5-31-17 TDS RAW-110, TDS PRO-7, REJECTION-94, PH9+)

(4-26-17 TDS RAW-120, TDS PRO-8, REJECTION-93, PH9+)

(3-30-17 TDS RAW-120, TDS PRO-8, REJECTION-93, PH9+)

(2-9-17 TDS RAW-150, TDS PRO-6, REJECTION-96, PH9+)

(12-15-16 TDS RAW-120, TDS PRO-5, REJECTION-96, PH9+)

(10-10-16 TDS RAW-100, TDS PRO-5, REJECTION-95, PH9+)

(9-21-16 TDS RAW-110, TDS PRO-5, REJECTION-5, PH9+)

(8-17-16 TDS RAW-130, TDS PRO-5, REJECTION-97, PH9+)

(6-8-16 TDS RAW-130, TDS PRO-5, REJECTION-97, PH9+)

(5-11-16 TDS RAW-130, TDS PRO-4, REJECTION-97, PH 9+)




This compact purifier, designed for smaller spaces, will provide excellent quality purified water with very little under sink space used. This unit is designed for 1 to 2 people. $555.00 plus installation.



This light duty commercial purifier is without question the most significant residential purifier on the market. It is designed for a family of 4 or more and comes standard with heavy duty components. $755.00

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