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The framework of a Mountain Slope Water Dealership is very similar to that of most business. Generally, the initial concern for the owner of a new Mountain Slope Water dealership is. “Where will the customers come from”? Like any new business, you start with the framed “First Dollar”, which is often proudly displayed as the banner of success.

A Mountain Slope Water dealership needs to be structured with similar concepts as other, more common business. Some of these concepts are:

  • Location
  • Image
  • Service
  • Support
  • Reputation
  • Advertising

It is important to note that emphasis should not be given to traditional types of advertising, as other more non-traditional types offer better results and are less costly. For example, giving away water is a very successful method of promotion. Everyone appreciates the gift of water and it is rare that it is not accepted. The cost of water is minuscule, compared to other forms of advertising. Another successful method of promotion is coupons. For example, a coupon is given to a selected business to be distributed to their customers. The coupon names the sponsored business with Mountain Slope Water and offers a promotion, 5 gallons of free water, to be used at the Mountain Slope Water store(s). Another example is “Thirsty Thursday”. This promotion offers discounted water to any person purchasing water that day. Mountain Slope Water has developed several similar promotional strategies that have proven to be very effective with minimal cost. This approach to promotion and marketing works and is unique to the water business. Most companies cannot give away a valuable commodity, like purified water, at such a minimal cost.

While it is true that saturation advertising, using traditional methods, can result in some immediate exposure and will defiantly contribute to the speed in which a new dealership is profitable. Ultimately, the long-term operational aspects, creative applications and determination to succeed will determine the success and profitability.

The strength of multiple dealerships will allow for co-op advertising. This will reduce the cost per dealership, while exposing each dealerships service statewide. Since every dealership will be designed with the same format, the marketing can be all-inclusive. Using this co-op advantage will allow for more traditional advertising that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

There should be no surprises, to the experienced entrepreneur, when it comes to advertising cost. Regardless of what type of medium is used, radio, television, newspaper, direct mailer or printed literature, it can be very expensive and without proper application, it can produce minimal, or no, results.

There is still a significant amount of opportunity for more exposure and public awareness. Each new dealership will perpetuate the momentum and accelerate the growth that is currently being experienced.

The following information is a platform that can be used to develop new customer base. It is important to remember, while considering a Mountain Slope Water dealership, that water is the most popular beverage in the world. It has recently surpassed coffee and soda in sales. It is a valuable resource that cannot be compromised, replicated or destroyed. Recently, it has been likened to the same prosperity and growth for the 21st century as oil was in the 20th century.


It is not recommended that the dealership be located near extremely high vehicle traffic areas. Generally, these areas demand high rent and have limitations on easements and parking. Unless the customer is inquiring about equipment, they usually want to make their stop quickly and efficiently. If access to the store necessitates negotiating long traffic delays, limited access to entering the parking area or limitations in available parking, they will not be willing to frequent the store on a regular basis.

It is important that each store have adequate parking close to the storefront. A five-gallon bottle of water weighs 48 pounds, which most people find difficult to carry. In addition to helping each customer with the cleaning and filling of each bottle, Mountain Slope Water offers carry out service for all customers. While we do use wagons or hand trucks to facilitate the carry out, it is still important that parking be close and available at the front of the store.

Each Mountain Slope Water store is designed with similar colors schemes and floor plans. The colors used, greens and blues, offer a comfortable environment with soft indirect florescent lighting. Storefronts will have windows for viewing the show room merchandise and fill station. Lighted signs and fixtures will provide day and night illumination for merchandise and information display. How the customer perceives the interior of the store will influence their overall comfort level and word of mouth response.

Images of mountain landscapes, waterfalls, information about water treatment, where water comes from etc. is posted throughout the store show room area for the customer to bourse through.

Live plants are limited to none shedding or fragrant type. Customers are very sensitive to odors when they are in the store. If there are live plants, they have to be maintained healthy. A television should be running a continuous play of waterfalls or mountain images. The environment should be crisp, clean and organized.

The fill station is to be maintained with rolls of paper towels, clean linen towels and dropper bottles with sodium hypo chloride, for disinfection of the bottles. The area is to be continually kept neat and clean.

Over the years, Mountain Slope Water has a compiled printed literature, promotional events, graphic design and artwork. There has been proven applications already put into place and outlines developed for implementing these mediums.

Information about services provided and how the store fill station works is critical. A store representative, printed literature, or both, should be introduced to each new customer when entering the store. If the customer is inquiring about water treatment equipment, a qualified staff member should be available at all times to help answer their questions. Immediate professional service is critical to make a good first impression.

Mountain Slope Water has a beautiful tri-fold color brochure. This is used for trade shows and promotional events and for customer inquires about our services. The brochure contains comprehensive information about various aspects of the services that are offered, systems and equipment available and technical information. This is the fourth printing modified version of the brochure and is a critical component to the first impression of clients.

In addition to the color brochure, there is a large selection of “rack cards” available to supplement information. These rack cards give specific information about services, rates, payment options and applications with engineering diagrams and schematics. These are helpful inserts, as they provide detailed information about specific items that the customer may be inquiring about.

Reverse Osmosis Equipment:

In the Point Of Use, (P.O.U.), industry it is commonly known that the biggest promoter of this equipment is the bottle water users. This customer is already knowledgeable about the importance of quality water and has made a commitment to the additional cost of having it. There are countless studies and comparisons done on this subject with the general consensus being the same. “The cost of a gallon per water from a P.O.U. versus delivered water is about .02 cents compared to $1.50 per gallon. Therefore, the biggest promoters of equipment sales are the delivered water companies. The key to success to this formula is to deliver the message to the consumer so that they understand the meaning. There in lies the tricky part. Not every individual will “get it”, when it comes to this obvious cost savings and convenience factor. They are not willing to “kick the bottle water habit”. So, this is where the water store concept comes in.

The message to the customer, when they are considering a P.O.U. system, is to make it affordable and easy to get the equipment. Mountain Slope Water offers several options to the customer, which will allow for their specific needs. The best promoter of the P.O.U. equipment is the customer.

Direct Feed Coolers:

Direct feed coolers will provide unlimited purified water for the office or factory situation, at a fraction of the cost of delivered water. The delivered water companies cringe at the concept. Mountain Slope Water has converted many clients that were spending significant amounts of money per month, for delivered water, to spending a fraction of that per month for a point of use system. It is not uncommon for employees to be interested in a home system after they see the unit installed at their place of business.

Mainline Equipment:

Mountain Slope Water has spent a significant amount of time developing the market for the mainline conditioner market. The consumer is somewhat more knowledgeable with mainline conditioning, (water softening) than P.O.U. applications. The majority of customers who purchase a mainline conditioner will also purchase a P.O.U. system. We work closely with architects, plumbers, interior decorators and building contractors. This is a proven source for referrals and leads and will usually result in a significant purchase. Most of the equipment is installed in a dedicated area and will usually have multiple connections and upgrades. Regardless of what type of equipment is installed, it generally leads to word of mouth referrals.

Commercial and Residential:

All of the above applications also apply to commercial accounts. The amount of equipment that can be applied toward a commercial account is quite extensive. The list can include the following,

  • Ice maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Bus station and bar water service
  • Food service
  • Autoclave sterilizer
  • Dental deionized
  • Hospital deionized
  • Pharmaceutical and clinical
  • Plating
  • Electronic fabrication

Mountain Slope Water has developed many individual areas for creating the “new customer”. It has been said, on many occasions, that we offer all options for the client. For example, our equipment options are,

  • Cash or Credit Card
  • Lease to Own
  • Finance
  • Rental
  • 90 Day Same as Cash

Generally, if a client is seriously interested in acquiring water treatment equipment, one of these options will fit their needs.

These purchase options can be modified to make them even more attractive. For example, Mountain Slope Water has offered a “30 Day Free Trial” of a reverse osmosis system. With this plan, the client is pre-qualified first. Upon qualifying, a unit will be installed, with no obligation, for a 30-day period. At the end of the 30-days the client can select one of the option plans or have the equipment removed. The client has no obligation to keep the equipment and there are no fees associated with the promotion. This has proven to be a very successful promotion and has yielded almost 100% close ratio. This same promotion can be offered on the Direct Feed Cooler program too.

Another popular marketing technique is to offer employees of a company with equipment incentives for home that can include a 30-day free trial for a reverse osmosis purifier. The promotion usually leads to additional equipment sales such a mainline conditioners etc.

Water Clinics:

Mountain Slope Water has performed water clinics, in various settings, with great success. The clinics are designed for the audience to ask questions and have their water tested and last 2 hours. Depending on the situation, the clinic will discuss topics specific to the area that it is being held, or generic information about water treatment. Mountain Slope Water has performed water clinics state wide with tremendous results. They are usually structured as a group meeting. However, clinics have been performed where it will be done over a period of several hours. Individuals can ask questions, see demonstrations and testing of water.

Trade Shows:

Mountain Slope Water will typically participate in 3 to 5 trade shows per year. These shows are base on Maui and Oahu and represent only a small percentage of shows produced each year. Depending on the show, they will generally produce several new accounts for equipment and very good results for new store clients. During the show, coupons for 5 gallons of free water are given away. Additionally, show specials and discounts are offered as incentives. Trade Shows require a great deal of preparation and participation of staff to be successfully done. A show done without proper planning will be a waste of time and resource.

Community Events:

In addition to the trade show schedule, there are countless community events that can be included into marketing. Mountain Slope Water is contacted several times a week to contribute to an event or special promotion. The requests are so numerous that a protocol has been developed as to what events will be accepted. Generally, the event is looking for “donated” water so they can sell it as a fundraiser. If Mountain Slope Water agrees to donate water, representation; such as banners and brochures, will need to be displayed. Additional representation, such as 5-gallon free coupons, Mountain Slope Water representative present, will be requested. This type of marketing also stimulates community awareness and support.

The success of a Mountain Slope Water dealership will largely be dependent on its staff. There is no exception to the saying, “there is wisdom in the minds of many”. Using the qualified staff to market and promote the dealership will represent a large part of the overall effort needed to successfully develop accounts and sales. Uniforms, friendly and professional attitude and knowledge of the product is standard. This is a service-based business and the customers will expect professional care.


Every representative of Mountain Slope Water is encouraged to participate in sales. It is safe to say that employees of Mountain Slope Water are very willing to represent the company in sales and marketing. There are commission compensations available for equipment sales, which can contribute significantly towards their earnings. The service technicians are trained to approach new constructions sites during their daily service route. This will generally lead to equipment sales, with proper follow-up. Stopping into a business, “cold call”, is a common practice and, if done correctly, can lead to a sale.

Account Manager:

An account manager should be on staff to promote equipment sales and bottle sales. The A.M. is responsible for creating new leads and contracts. The A.M. has to be qualified with proven salesmanship skills and be willing to develop a client base. A great deal of training is required to hone the necessary skills needed to develop a productive account manager. Once trained, the account manager will develop more accounts than traditional advertising will. There is no substitution for personalized touch verses a newspaper, radio or television advertisement.

The Water Boy:

The business model for our bottle water division, The Water Boy, is to distribute Mountain Slope Water statewide. This exposure will promote the name and expose the company image. The Water Boy is developing many unique products that other bottling companies cannot do. The size of other companies and production logistics limit them from diversifying as easily as The Water Boy can. Or, in some instances, they have not thought of the idea yet. Regardless of the reason, The Water Boy will soon be a major contributor to the bottle water industry in Hawaii and Mountain Slope Water will be recognized as part of this growth and dominance.

Service vehicles and company cars are excellent sources for advertising. They can be considered “moving billboards”. Customized license plates; H2O4U2, H2OBOY, ITSH20, for example, offer unique marketing perks. There have been countless customer inquiries, which were generated by a company vehicle. Additionally, it is not uncommon to have a client approach the service van, while the technician is there, to inquire about service.

The company vehicle is a daily moving advertisement that should be capitalized on. It requires some initial planning for design but is virtually free after the purchase of the display.

In my own words:

When compared to other business, the water business has some unique angles to utilize for marketing that will never be available in most businesses. Sure, the gas, electric, food service and commodity companies could “give away” their product similarly as what has been presented in this marketing plan. But I wouldn’t hold my collective breath for that to happen. I have personally witness the expression on the faces and in the eyes of the countless people that I have given water away to. Whether it is a .5-liter, 5 gallons or 50 cases, it is always the same expression of sincere appreciation and thankfulness. In the many years that I have been in the water business, giving someone a good glass of water is my most favorite thing to do. And the best part is, it’s almost free! What a concept.